Estate Administration

Estate Planning Attorney for Wilson, NC

If someone close to you has recently passed away, there are many questions about what happens next to their estate. If a trust or will hasn’t been set up, an attorney may be called to help with estate administration.

Jason M. Blackburn Attorney at Law, PLLC can help you out while being sensitive to the emotional distress of losing a loved one. Set up a consultation with us to discuss any legal or tax issues surrounding your loved one’s estate. Located in Goldsboro & serving the people of Wilson, Smithfield, NC and more, we will assist you in the court process of determining how the assets in the estate will be distributed. 

Estate Planning Attorney Goldsboro, NC

An Estate Attorney Can Help To Resolve Any Unforeseen Issues

Jason M. Blackburn Attorney at Law, PLLC can identify whether or not your recently deceased loved one had a will or trust and begin to identify the will’s executor for administrative purposes. Blackburn can also take full inventory of the estate and help file a tax return on the estate. He can prepare all the necessary paperwork and file it with the court to make sure the estate is distributed as it’s intended to be.

If you have any questions about how estate administration works, contact Jason M. Blackburn Attorney at Law, PLLC. He is an expert in probate law and can help you to execute a loved one’s will. 

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